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HI Luli & friends,

Just a quick note, something that struck me tonight after being down my favourite 'RAFA' club, having had a few beers with my regular friends.

What struck me was this...................... Since I got saved, it was always important for me to share what I have 'seen', and what I have come to know as 'truth', (to me anyways). It was like "how can you possibly not want to know this"? "This is the best thing since sliced bread", etc, and when I share my great enlightenment with all those I am surrounded by and care about, I find my words 'nearly' ( and I use the word nearly, because sometimes, I am sure some did, 'deep down' hear what I said), fell on deaf ears.

I think evangelism was always important to me, probably because we are brought up in a world, where responsibility is an important 'thing', to adhere to. So it is almost like a 'DUTY' to share any goodness you have. It would seem unfair to hold enlightenment, and then keep it all to yourself, almost like the 'I'm alright Jack' mentality. But, I think I now 'SEE' what Walter Lanyon speaks of, when he says I cannot teach anybody, I can only talk, I can only expound, IF you Hear, you Hear, if you See, you See, if you neither Hear nor See, it doesn't matter, it wasn't your time, (yet).

Isn't it Wonderful, to be able to be yourself,( your Real Self), and leave the expounding, the Evangelising, the Anything to Him, who is In you, Through you, and AS You, that those that may Hear, and those that may See, is down to Him, and NOT us. William Shakespeare said "To Be or Not to be"? Is it really a question? Yes, I think it is for those who do not realise (yet), that they can walk through The Fire and come out the other side without even the smell of smoke on their clothes.

Isn't it wonderful that Jesus could say "I Am the Way, I Am the Truth, I Am the Life……………. BUT I can't do anything.

Love to you all, the other side of the Pond.

John. xxx