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Luli and DeeDee,

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be with you both again around that table of food for body and spirit! The drive home was uneventful. I listened to 2 hours of talk radio with two lesbian ministers responding to questions from Christian callers. Interesting spins...

The return to work and the ongoing litany of complaints, fears, sins, etc. has left me weary. Is this what Jesus experienced when he said, "How long must I live with/among you?" I certainly would like to leave the planet and all of its cares behind. Christopher, my 14 year old, was telling me about Buddhism, and the ultimate arrival at nothingness. I can see how people arrive at that as the solution.

The life we live is not Eden nor was it meant to be. That is a major shift from how I have thought and lived prior to coming to the revelation of Christ in us. Before, I could take my stand against life with all of religion, denouncing the evils, and fighting for the cause of the the Kingdom's coming. And it seems that there is some precedent for that in the scriptures as I look at how Jesus lived his life. He did pray for the sick and cast out demons. Of course that was prior to his defeat of them all on the Cross by his death and resurrection. I maintained that His victory was won but, oh that wonderful BUT, he was waiting for us to make his enemies his footstool. In terms of Kingdom theology, the Kingdom has come but is also not yet. It has broken in but has not fully arrived.The implication then is that we as his ambassadors continue to do his work. Evil remains and is to be resisted just as we are to submit ourselves to God and to resist the devil. That of course is the temporal view and not the eternal view. Since most of us have lived only from the temporal perspective, the eternal perspective has been relegated to only positional truth, and we stew in the only reality that we have known.

To leap into the ascended life of the eternal viewpoint is for the temporalites, pie in the sky living that denies the reality of what is knowable by our senses. The accusation is not totally unfounded. We have the faith people who completely deny the visible reality of illness, poverty, etc. for the invisible reality of the eternal NOW, in the hope that it will be manifested in the visible reality, which they will readily accept as really real. Having said that, I do believe that God responds to faith even when it is poorly grounded in truth. It at least is an attempt at living from the ascended position, and I give them credit for that. Christian Scientists do the same thing and we call them a cult, but if we were really fair,we would have to give them some credit for consistency.

Am I wrong to think that the ascended life goes beyond the hope of manifestation of goodness in this present reality? First, I had to come to accept this life as it is, as it was purposed to be by Him who subjected all of it to frustration, not by its choice, but by His. So life is as He has purposed it to be, good, bad, ugly and beautiful, for His glory to be revealed whether on this side or in eternity. I still struggle here, not wanting things to be as they are, but as I want them to be--less pain, less frustration, less fear,anxiety, depression, hatred, bigotry or whatever is on my plate. It is not roll over and die mentality, accept it all like a fatalist, but see the eteranl in it and live by faith. That is living by the spirit as I currently understand it.

Well, my next appointment is here for me to warp with the truth!

Love you two!