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Dearest John and Linda,

You have just left, but I cannot wait to write and thank you and DeeDee for the love and warmth that I experienced. The previous weeks the Lord kept telling me in His word that the night is almost over and the day in coming. I received THE TRUTH that you shared at once, because it was already in my heart and just needed confirmation. I have read through all your pamphlets and I say AMEN to everything I have read so far I will Lord willing read the Booklets in this coming week.
I look at the brothers and sisters in a different light and you can imagine the freedom it brings in my own life. Gone is the criticism, the envy, the hurt feelings, and it is replaced with calm, love and acceptance. This is that 'rest' spoken of in Heb.4:1-3. Come what may, God is in control. He cannot and will not make any mistakes...

Circumstances now become opportunities for God to manifest Himself in and through me. Praise His Name for Evermore.

Well, I hope and pray that you will have a pleasant trip. Also for this ministry that God has called you to, it will bring liberty and joy to thousands of Christians.

May God Bless You, With lots of Love and gratitude,

Your brother in Christ,

Dick Vorster

Mission Kwasizabantu

Kranskop, South Africa