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Dear Luli ,

Thank you for sending the e-mail regarding your friend Nick. As one who has been taught to mistrust and hold in suspicion my humanity and desires i can relate well the struggle many believers have in coming to a place of freedom in this area. It's a wonderful testimony your friend has to the organic one-ness the Spirit brings into our lives by bringing the whole person into union with Christ.This indeed is a work of God that seems to be ongoing even after the Spirits revelation of union life. Don't you think?.....I think those who have been nurtured in the belief of a dual nature and taught how decietfully wicked the heart is tend also to be subconsciously shadowed by this nagging feeling that whatever you are doing you are out of sync with the will of God and where-ever you its just not good enough. Personally i have been dogged by this feeling for most of my christian life and to some extent still do although it has receded to a great extent. Speak to you soon Luli.Love Reggie