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Dear Fred:

I have been thinking about 'helplessness' lately and this is what I've come to.


When I came to my Damascus Road experience, I was helpless, as a sinner, before God. I had come to the end of myself and could not 'save' myself or my 'sinful' ways. By childlike faith, and that faith, was not even my own, but God's, I ended my former life, by believing in the Lord Jesus and receiving His gift of salvation.

Continuing on, trying to 'live' the Christian life, once again, I came to the end of myself, wanting to be pure and holy, to please God, to be what "I" thought He wanted me to be. I found out I could not and cried again in helplessness and the answer was given. Only Christ, in me, as me, can live the Christian life. The only life I could live was His Life through me, as me.

During the last few days, at work, I have been doing some work, which I know by myself, I cannot do and have struggles with and again, feeling some frustration, and realized my helplessness in the situation. Which led me to the conclusion, that it is only in my helplessness, my weaknesses, my 'failures', my physical limitations, that I can be strong, for it is not my strength or 'brains' or 'anything', but it truly is Christ who is my life.

The key is to recognize that in ALL aspects of our lives - and I mean ALL - our home life, our work life, our church life, our social life, etc. (as if one can compartmentalize them), we are helpless to be or do anything, BUT it is Christ as us, who can. Now, this IS a pretty big revelation, but I am laughing, because of the total completeness of the answer and the realization that it is my inability, which enables Christ to be more fully manifested. Only in my inability, my weakness, my perceived lack of something to accomplish even the mundane tasks in life, can I turn from myself (I suppose this is what Paul means when he sais "I die daily"), to humbly allow Christ to do whatever it is that needs to be 'done' as me, by faith, knowing that He will.

I have finally realized that only in my continued helplessness or inability, I suppose this is what Norman calls the 'negative', can that negative be totally swallowed up by the 'positive', Christ Himself. The darkness IS swallowed up in light, His light, His life.

Well, glory be to God!!! And ain't that the Truth!

All my love,