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From: "William (Lynne) Davis"
To: "linda bunting"
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 4:42 PM
Subject: Job

Hello Linda Light,

I was blessed today by one of your group e-mails from last year. Well.. by the greeting specifically..."Dear Ones" It was a hug.

Well I have read Job once again. And since you invited me to share a few thoughts on what the Lord had impressed upon me during the are my few comments.

I have had "Job friends".
I have been "Job's friend."
Better to be Job than Job's friend.

He never seemed to get up and go fix the problems himself. He sat there and waited to hear from God.

Lastly...during the reading of Job, I kept thinking of Jesus' life of persecution and how He always kept telling people - before, during and after the "hits" - how much His Father loved Him. Amazing.

A double portion back to you today.

Love, Lynne