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Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 8:59 PM
Subject: Re; Normans Letters

Hi Luli,

I have recently been reading some of Normans personal letters written to people in the past requesting his counsel for many of the complex difficulties we all face in life.....and i have been absolutely captivated by the mans wisdom and ability to minister Christ into the unique-ness of each individuals situation.Not only do we see the mans spiritual wisdom and knowledge of the Lord coming through in these letters but its also plain to see the genuine love and patience of Christ clearly shining through his personality in the way that he yearns to reach out to everyone regardless of who they are..... or how trivial the matter they maybe concerned with may seem.Yet his love for the least was also matched by his passion to see the Church raised up and a vision to reach the world for Christ.More-over as ive got to know a little of the "mans" own personal losses,difficulties and faith struggles i can see how the Lord has instilled in him the spirit of a true intercessor and of the apostolic faith.He was also clearly a faithful steward of the mystery of Christ bringing us into eternal union of fellowship with Christ and His purpose.I did,nt mean to say all of this but everything ive said seemed to stand out so clear to me in his writings.Like Paul i find in his writings that he longs to bring the believer to the place where they see themselves as the very incarnation of Christ, the word made flesh in us. Many will suggest that we are deifying ourselves but we know the Spirit will always set apart Jesus as Lord in our hearts.How i understand now what Paul meant when he said to the Corinthian Church "YOU are my living epistles written not on tablets of stone but written by the Spirit on your HEARTS" what Glory this Gospel has and may the Lord give us spiritual wisdom and insight into the knowledge of this Gospel which is Christ in us as us.

P.S........How are you getting on Luli with compiling Normans letters these days ....i would love to read some not already on the websites if there any you could pass on to me. Speak to you soon .

Love Roddy