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Dear Linda:

Thank you for your wonderful note of encouragement.

I have a question. When we have friends or family who come to the Lord and we know Christ as us, can we explain their new union to them so that they don't need to go down all the paths we went?

Love you much,



I personally do not think there are any wrong paths leading to nor 'being fixed' in our union with Christ.

By God's grace we do not 'cut short' the working of the cross in His precious creation. Each of us is personal to Him and He alone knows the exact way to bring us each into union with Himself and to keep us from falling . . .

We can certainly point to and guide in love those we love into the freedom in Christ we have found. But having been found by Him, by the revelation of the Spirit, who we are in Christ certainly does not prevent 'living in the lab' of life because the lab is the very place who we have taken, takes us and true 'knowing' comes from Him....

Norman always said "we must be conditioned to receive truth" . . . we know what that means . . . it means brokenness and weakness, and that comes one way . . . so we rejoice in our trials and count them all joy, because we are cast on the rock to be broken, or it is falling on us grinding us to powder, . . . we win both ways.

I love you,