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From: John Fautley
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 8:05 PM
Subject: Glorifying

I was thinking tonight about the word.... Glorifying, because Jesus always kept on about 'Glorifying His Father'.

Those that Know that Christ IS their life, are FREE to enjoy living as Him, as St. John says "As He was in the world so are We". Yet, we can be still concerned and want to Know that Christ IS being Glorified through us, and by Faith, we stand and have done all to stand, we still, stand, and say HE is doing 'just that'.

So, I thought, just out of interest I'll look up the word 'Glorify' . in the 'Oxford English Dictionary', (gotta be more reliable than an American one), LOL, only joking .... and this is what it says:-

GLORIFY: i. Make Glorious. ii. Transform into something more splendid.

Isn't that wonderful . . . That Jesus of Nazereth, trusting through faith, would do all that He did, so that we in the year 2004, could be Transformed (glorified), into something more splendid.

What a GREAT LOVING FATHER, we truly do have who wants to contain us....... Thank God....