Christ As Us
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Below is a part of a daily thought I was greeted with this morning. I have highlighted the words that I am referring to.

There are two things that stood out, as I read it, and wanted to share what they were.

The blessed Holy Spirit was doing what He came to do - convict of sin and reveal the Savior. The words of Malachi were finding their fulfillment: "The Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His temple... But who may abide the day of His coming? .. For he will be like a refiner's fire or a launderer's soap."

But if conscience had been deeply wounded,
Calvary had healed the wounds of all who had found their way there.

The first thing is that as the Holy Spirit revealed Christ, He was right then coming to dwell within......this is nothing new, but.............shall suddenly come to His Temple.......when we were first shown the Truth of all Christ did on the Cross, as the Lamb of God, as the Saviour,.............When we first had our eyes opened to the fact that we ARE forgiven, past, present and future...........He suddenly comes to indwell US! How comforting! And what a blessed time we live in, that those whom the Lord puts in our paths, will now know this SUDDENLY.............unless we fail to tell what we have been shown.........unless we fail to witness with our lives, Him living through these earthen vessels.

The next thing that leaped off the page was that the Cross of Calvary, had healed all the deep wounds of the life they had been living apart from Him. Again, what a blessed time to be here, living in the Kingdom of God, able to tell those whom the Lord awakens, that NOW, they have been healed, comforted, forgiven, and that there is NOW no condemnation........No matter what they had done, living out of the nature of Satan, they were NOW, comforted, could stop seeking forgiveness, and were made whole, all in one moment of time. That now their nature was from their Heavenly Father. WHAT A PRIVILEGE, to be here, now, to let them know, they are FREE, DELIVERED, BLESSED WITH ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS, SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS........etc...

A song comes to mind, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, and the words of the chorus go on to say: I was placed upon the earth, to hear the voice of God and do His will, whatever it is...............Oh, the privilege of knowing Him, Truth, The Living Word of God, and sharing that He indeed is the All in All.........

Know you are blessed,