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am forwarding an excerpt of what i wrote this a.m. in my correspondence with brian regarding our experiences when we fell from the roof. i think it says much about our oneness with the Father.

"if we believe that God means all things to happen then we acknowledge that those angels that guard us day and night were given the "go-ahead" to remove their protection for a bit. i think they still guided our falls and had we even been paralyzed it would have been God at work for a greater love purpose. as it was, i am convinced that He touched someone, somehow (whether it was the ambulance people or hospital staff, my family, the neighbors) by His suffering as me. i remember feeling immense gratitude and praise and whispering aloud repeatedly, "thank you Lord," while the emt's were working on me...... and Who immediately called forth in my head the recognition that i had a "home" to go to when i first fell, but Him......... [i had no sooner than hit the ground when i queried "am i coming home today Lord?"] there was no thought effort there; only later recognition that truly I and the Father are One and marveling at that."

love, Mary