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Subject: Church stuff

Hi Linda,
I've been enjoying your site and unlearning alot of old half-truths I was taught in church for the last 16 years since I was born again. I'm having more and more difficulty attending services and activities and "doing" stuff that is expected of a "good Christian". Our church is very works oriented and I realize how I was just going through the motions for many years, struggling and now that I knew why I was struggling, I can't be a phony any more. The focus has been on evangelism and not only sharing our faith but also persuading others to make Christ their savior. I am so tired, I can hardly go anymore and my heart is so heavy after a service. It's almost like my identity was in all of these things and activities before and now all of that has changed. I've been depending on the Lord to show me what to "do" but I am very cautious and don't want to make a rash decision and of course am worried about what others will think, which I know I shouldn't be so much. Do you have any ideas to give me?
Thanks so much,

Dear ______________

Thank you for writing; how thrilling to hear you've been blessed by the web-site. May I send over your message to be used to bless others who may be walking your path?

Sounds as if the Spirit has really gotten hold of you and is taking you into Himself totally as the outer things you've known as your identity have begun to fade...........................I think this is the way of the ................'normal Christian life'.................

You see, all outer things are only a mere shadow of Christ so, it feels strange, when the tenets we've held dear begin to lose there luster. Sometimes We even feel strong negative emotion against them because in reality everything starts to pale in comparison with Christ.

Paul had the same dilemma. He had to confront Peter face tp face because of the hypocrisy he found in Peter at Galatia. That is why he wrote the letter and sad to say, most churches who do preach the fundamental gospel stop short of moving us on into Christ. If you have read my testimony you will see I faced the same as you 40 yrs. ago.

Hope this is of some help. Do you know we have a meeting here in Sept. to discuss these things. I'd love to have you join us.

Lovingly in Jesus,