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From: "Linda Bunting"
To: George Monta

Hi George, Just this note to say hello.

As of this morning the Holy Spirit really put things in focus for me regarding the meeting. I have been 'at sea', which is quite normal for me, as the date nears but as He continually does at just the right moment, not a minute too soon, not a minute too late, the rescue does come.

So; as you know, our theme is 'The Kingdom of God is within you' - but this A.M. it came to me to begin with a question I was asked several days ago which was; "How do we find Christ in ourselves and each other" followed with Paul's word; "We know no man after the flesh, not even Christ Jesus"............ so that should provide for some deep digging.... What do you think?

I'm glad you can be a part of us and give your imput.........


----- Original Message -----
From: George Monta
To: Linda Bunting

These thoughts and writings are the FATHER thinking in my head with His Head. And He is Head.

Sweet Linda:
We are tempted to worship Jesus "after the flesh" and we promptly set up a form of Jesus idolatry. It seems to me that our position is not to worship him but to love, identify, and be Him as Earth's Ambassadors of Christ. This is not easy to put in earth words and must be understood by the Spirit. We no longer wait for Him to Come back again, but with His Spirit, His Mind, we just live as He would live. We no longer have "consciousness of sin" but have the consciousness of Jesus dwelling in us as us. Each morning we say to the Father: "Not my will, but Thine be done." Then we say "thanks for the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ that sets me free from the laws of sin and death. And we affirm that we are being transformed (metamorphosed) by the renewing of our mind. We can search till the cows come home for sensory validation of this, or we can simply believe it and live it simply and strongly with the Christ Life for Paul teaches us: We have the MIND of Christ. The Kingdom of God within us was the central theme of Jesus' teaching. Not only is His Kingdom in us but the KING Himself is resident in us with all His power. This does not take religious acting, but rather it takes authentic living. To 'try' to live is to miss what growing is all about. "Consider the Lilies, how they grow." This is Jesus telling us that the work has been done by Him at Calvary and any human-trying is but a waste of time and energy. It's all wrapped up in love and the cross. It is a finished work from before the foundation of the world. As to the question of how to find Christ in you, is to ask how to find the wet in water. The same with others. "Christ in you the hope of glory" is Paul's way of telling us that the work is done. We do not search for it, look for evidence of it, or crave the goose pimples of good feelings. It's in the Word. We do not find it in ourselves or others. It is there whether we can feel it or not. KNOWING IT makes it grow. We put on Christ by BEING hidden in the cleft of the ROCK. And that ROCK is Christ. Daily study of the Word is essential to what we call inner revelation. It is not inner revelation t all but is apprehending THAT which apprended us. This cannot be explained to others. Jesus talked in parables just to keep it from those who were curious but not awake yet. In God's time ALL will be awakened and ALL will be revealed. Jesus paid for it. Those are some of my thoughts Linda. Know that you are loved. We love hearing from you.

George and Adaire