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From: Juan Sanchez
To: Linda Bunting
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 12:09 PM
Re: Daily Thought - What is Dying?

We (My wife Viola and I) became acquainted with the Union Life message in Florida back in the mid-70's ... We were stationed at Eglin AFB and met a man named Rich Worsham who introduced me to Norman's writings. We met Norman Grubb in Dothan Alabama and were so impressed with his simplicity in introducing the "deep things" of God...I could probably write volumes of our experiences since then, but too many and varied...peaks and valleys... After years of church and no church we became "reacquainted" recently through that deep search and hunger for truth, ironically through your website....Now as I reread Norman (and others) writings on union...I have a deeper understanding and grasp of truth, but am still struggling to rid myself of this "cucoon". Hope all this makes sense...I am so blessed by the emails...keep em coming! My grandmother used to tell me not to fear death, cause it was just the turning down of the lamp when the sun comes up...She died at 106, a blessed woman. So good to visit with you ...Have a wonderful day..

Love, Juan Sanchez