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From: Dyonah Thomas
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 2:02 PM
Subject: Living the Eternal Life

Dear Linda,
I am grateful to hear from you and about up coming gathering.

viviane and I will be in prayer that all goes well.

This morning I a had the opportunity to preach in a non-denomination church, and this word being passionate in my spirit for sometime now blessedly God release me to share it.

" Breaking the utter shell for the release of the inner man" From John 12:25ff where Jesus said unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground it abides alone..
The core of my thought is considering that fact the christian life is about about manifesting the Life of Another ( Christ) .....
I am grateful for all your teachings and though via email.
May God help me to manifest Christ in this age.

Well if God wills one year I will surely join you in Kentuky for this Fellowship.