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Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2004 6:31 PM
Subject: Re: Daily Thought - All About Fellowship

Hi Luli,
Yes i agree.There is a "me" and there is a "Him" and they are One.Duality with-in union Just as the Lord expressed "I" and Father are One.Or as you put it "Him as me me me.What you allude to as the old ideas about self is what i was referring to when i mentioned Lanyons statement about loosing the "John Smith self" i.e the grave clothes of the old seperated self in other words.Yes there will always be a me and Him in one-ness.I think what Lanyon does very well through the revelation he imparts is bring us into a deep "conscious" awareness of our sonship identity freeing us from the limitations of old seperated.Im also with you on the notion of having to define ourselves in scientific,philisophical, or doctrinal terms its all the dead letter its for me all about being fixed in the conscious awareness of His Life in me as me this is indeed the the promised land .I appreciate your thoughtful consideration and receptivity to my words and your honest willingness to engage me on them.

Thank you.

Love Roddy