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From: Mary Blair
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 7:39 AM
a "chance" encounter?

hi all,

just want to share something:

little do we know or are we aware of God's divine appointments in our everyday lives. as we go about our normal daily business sometimes something happens which gives us pause to reflect on the reality of God being in even the minutest detail of life.....even in a situation which appears to have happened by "chance." but we know that "God works all things together for good" and these little incidences provide wonderful opportunities for good faith practice.

yesterday i found myself stranded at a Petro and Pantry about 20 miles from home. a desire for a few of their good jalapeno/cheddar poppers caused me to stop there. when i got back in my car it wouldn't start..... just sort of made this clicking noise..... so i lifted the hood to check out the battery. the connections looked clean. i tried to phone jim but couldn't reach him. the store is situated at
busy highway junction so a lot of people were coming and going. noone i approached had any battery cables. as i sat in the car pondering my next move, a car filled with a various age group of guys pulled up next to me. the driver appeared to be an older hippie type with his long gray hair in a pony tail. a fleeting thought cautioned me to avoid the group, my vivid imagination seeing them as just the sort of people who might be bank robbers or druggies. i rolled down my window anyway and asked if they had any jumper cables. one of the group who appeared to be the youngest (maybe 19 or 20) came directly over to my car and started fiddling under the hood. he then instructed me to try starting it. it almost caught. he asked me to come out so he could show me the problem...... loose cable connection. we chatted a bit as he worked on tightening the bolts by hand as we had no tools. as instructed by him, i got back in my car and voila! it started!!! as he dropped the hood and was heading back to get into his friend's car i yelled: "you are a genius ..... God bless you." i will never forget the smile on his face as we waved goodbye. there was a connection there, a spirit to spirit encounter.

this young man remains on my heart and i am still continuing to bless him. a "chance" encounter? i think not. just God being about His business of loving and reconciling the world unto Himself.

love, m