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hi girls: was listening to Rush while ironing and he just reviewed Mel Gibson's controversial (don't you love it, that it's become that-grin) movie on Jesus. evidently Mel, et al., came to Rush and Marta's home to show them a premier of it (even before the special effects are in it.)

Rush's commentary on it was really something. wish i could give it to you verbatim but the gist of it was that it "hit him in the stomach and left him speechless for awhile" (that's hard for Rush.) he said it covered, as closely as was possible, the last 12 hours of Jesus's life. he said it was not an epic film like Moses or any of the others but was an art form type of movie which deeply depicted what a man who believed in something so strongly, could endure. said it didn't need special effects and would probably not have the kind movie goers expect to see, for entertainment. said his step-daughter wept for the last 30 min. of it and couldn't talk about her feelings about it for several hours.

what has thrilled me about it is that it effected Rush so deeply (he stumbled around trying to find words to describe his reaction to it) and while i have no idea where he is spiritually except he's often stated his belief in God, i am excited for him and his family cuz i know God's doing a real work here in this man that i admire and agree with 99% of the time. not only that, but he's listened to by millions of people so no doubt this movie will be well attended.

we can stand in faith for....well, what the heck....why not believe big....millions to come to know not only Christ the man, but Christ, their Savior and on into them knowing Who they are as Him. i'm just thrilled God's got mel doing this. can't you just see the Father in a Director's chair having the time of His life, just winking away in joy and love as He watches His Truth unfold in the hearts of His dear little created ones. Thrills me to no end!!!!