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From: Dan Powers
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 6:01 PM
Subject: Hey Luli

Hi Linda and John and Harriet and Wade and Sylvia and Scott, Brian, Fred, et al

This is Dan Powers, whom none of you may remember (and that's okay) .. I just felt compelled to write to say Hi, and that I hope all of you and the whole bunch are well, and that the Sept conference went really well, (can hardly wait to see the pics of this years conference on line) and that I'm kinda sorry I didn't make it.. again, this year. It's been a long time. I think last time I was there would have been 84 or 85 maybe. I had at least semi-hoped that maybe this year.. you know.

Also pressed to write because I found this website recently. Found the site cause I went hunting for Union Life on the web. God never fails does He, not a question. But yeah he does work in mysterious ways.

Too many things to tell you all, and don't want to bore you at all, (realizing you've had a weekend filled to overflowing with testimonies) so I'll just say I married again last February (03) to Cheryl a widow, a nurse, and a really wonderful lady who just slays me in her soft kindness, her unconquerable love, her deep and quiet strength of faith. No preacher type, not a missionary, and no fake, but she is on her knees beside our bed each morning before daylight in prayer. She and I both have been through some rough spots, after all we're both in our fifties) she's had much more painful experiences than I, and yes most if not all of them were our own doing.

I suppose this is the reason I went hunting for you ... Her folks are strict Seventh Day Adventists.. even tho I had met them two years ago in Loma Linda, Ca and had been honestly me, her dad ( SDA minister, retired sorta, but still very active, obsessed now with turning the SDA's onto the idea of grace only, he says) just hadn't bought it. They visited us here in Buffalo Valley last spring and he left shaking his head, but, saying he loved me unconditionally and that Jesus does too.. well, yes, right. I know Jesus loves me, but Gordon Collier's unconditional love I'm not so sure about cause he keeps hammering me in every conversation, and even his questions are aimed at him being able to make, or affirm, some judgment he is seeking. Letters, notes, phone conversations, ... literally every communication has been another sermon. Example: Christmas card had the question: "If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" Well, how much and what kind would be enough? For me that was about the same temptation put to Jesus, If you're the son of God, prove it ... do us a couple of tricks. You know. Of course my mom is the same way, so I have a little practice at being hammered by works oriented folks. I'm real patient, you know, I stay quiet and kind (Cheryl says I'm sweet, but I don't like it) but just thinking about their visit this week was making my belly ache. I guess I felt the need for an iron sharpening. So I came hunting for you guys, knowing I should have already scheduled the conference just so I wouldn't have to be here this week, haha. Reading some of the material on the Infinite Supply site, I recalled that back in 84 I had written a fifty page study on the two covenants, working the Christ in us, as us, message into every page. The Baptist church where I was a long standing Sunday School teacher (adult co-ed) training union leader, deacon, had refused permission to let me lead the study at church so I stuffed it in a box, eventually left the denomination, eventually divorced, and pretty much forgot about the covenant study. Until now. Dug it out of the stack of old boxes, gave it to Cheryl to look at before her folks came in, .. she handed it to her dad night before last at the first opportunity. For the last couple of days, he's been smiling a lot, very quiet, studying the "study," asking a few questions, making notes, now wants to read Norman's work (which I gave away to my kids a long time ago, haha) ... so Christ is being His splendid self here, doing His thing in each of us, whether it looks like it on the outside or not, and I feel trembly again at how God works. Just wanted to say hi, tell you all that, and wish you all well. Yeah, I wanted to attend the conference, but I know you all would say, here was where I was supposed to be. And that's right.

Lots of other stuff to catch up on later if you are interested..