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don't know how i got your email but thanks very much! i've been very blessed lately thinking of 1 cor. 2 where paul says..."that your faith should not be in men's clever wisdom, but in the power of god" and i thought wow that is the key, then an hour or so ago i was humbled to the simple truth that faith in the power of god is great but as you pointed out it is his personal revelation to us of his love and care for us. i know very few people who know how to express that love and also receive it, quite amazing since god is love. i don't say that assuming i do either but i want to be a witness of his love and grace more and more. religion certainly has interferred tremendously when it comes to the first basic truth about god and that he is love and personally loves us. i love 1john 4:16 where it says "we have known and believed the love god has for us" and romans 8:38-39 where it says "nothing can seperate us from god's love for us". not even ourselves if/when we get in the way, his love and care is beyond us as is his grace. well anyway, thanks for forwarding me your letter i was just sitting here asking the lord for a real revelation of his love and there you were! love in christ, be well,

steve etzel