Christ As Us
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This was good, as it always is. Some thoughts of mine that might interest you are simply that the flesh can do nothing but sin and the spirit can only reflect the FATHER who cannot sin. Therefore when you ask the question Can we sin? is a rather meaningless question to those who walk in the Spirit. Can who sin? is a better question. Job is a spiritual archetype that abides in all of us along with Cain and Able and Jacob and Israel. Jacob can't do anything but sin. Israel wrestles with God and with Man (himself) and always prevails because of Calvary. Cain always kills Able and the result is Seth. Peter always diddles with Simon who needs always to be sifted as wheat by Satan. This is the way God has chosen to work with us and it is Life in all its forms. Religion is mostly "about' the experience of getting to know who and what we have been from the Foundation of the World. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us through the way life happens to us.

Just a thought Fred.

George and Adaire