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Below is a letter I wrote to a friend regarding some information he sent us. I thought my response would interest you.


Hi _____,
Thnaks for sending the info on satan and the devil. For many, many years Steve and I were Bible scholars, researching the original languages and culture. It expanded our horizons, for which we are grateful. However, that was a chapter in our lives, and we no longer spend much time in those endeavors. The simplicity of Christ has ministered to us so, that we simply enjoy knowing that God is absolutely in control, and that we can trust Him.

Separating good from evil is like partaking from the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil. We see only God, for He is in control. Whatever/whoever satan or the devil is, it matters not to me. What I do see, though, is that from the fall, mankind has believed THE Lie. Even after being awakened to our identity in Christ, we still adhere to many forms of The Lie, and God spends the rest of our earthly lives revealing Himself to us; thus, exposing The Lie in all its various forms. This is what I call the "renewing of our minds." In this process, we SEE more and more clearly Who He REALLY Is. And hence, who we REALLY are. Incredible.

The Lie is just that . . . a lie with many faces and it has no power unless I believe it. From what I understand at this point in my life, the reason we have the degradation in the world is because people believe The Lie. May we all come to see. . . really see. . . Who God Is.