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Re: Daily Thought - Lord! Thy Will be Done!

hi john, sending along something that came to me when i read the recent daily thought. my father died Dec. 20th..... long story but in the midst of it all even in my feelings of bewilderment about life i am knowing His faith and knowing how very much we are kept by Him rather than us keeping Him. i've not the strength left to do that ...... which is good .... i am learning i don't need to (smile.) love, mary

i would add one line, please?

"When I am bewildered by life
Then shall i know faith."


Lord! Thy Will be Done!

Society of Friends
When Thou hast mastered me,
Then shall I be victor:
When Thou hast enslaved me,
Then shall I be free:
When Thou hast humbled me,
Then shall I be exalted.
When Thou hast prostrated me,
Then shall I be strong:
When Thou hast impoverished me,
Then shall I be wealthy:
When Thou hast emptied me,
Then shall I be full:
When Thou hast taken all,
Then shall I have all.
My Master, Lo, I come to Thee:
Fulfill Thy paradox in me.