Christ As Us
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From: DeeDee Winter
To: 'Alex P. Cohen'
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005
Subject: RE: tar and feather

Hi Alex,

I have found that there are several stages of knowing our emotions…our soul. In the beginning of the revealing of Christ to me my whole consciousness was one of a still separated consciousness. My feelings and my flesh were my main reality. God was my love and my interest, but I had not gotten my self in focus yet.

Then I came to know that I was NOT my emotions…that Christ was my life and spirit was my center. It was a season of denying my soul and focusing on Spirit as reality.

But the day came when God made the three (spirit, soul and body) one and I could fully relax and go with whichever way my soul/feelings were taking me/us…be they negative of positive. How long either lasts is of no importance now. It is really more exciting to be greatly negative towards someone or something, because I know the same extreme is coming in the positive! I have one that has lasted almost 25 years.

Now how long or how severe is not the point. Faith is the point…and only faith. That knowing has settled into me that God HAS completed is His good for my friend and I am just awaiting the manifestation to her. I see it as Moses saw the Promised Land.

My emotions in line with my heart? My emotions, too, are pure…be they positive or negative. What a privilege to “bare about in our bodies the dying of the Lord Jesus that you might have life”. “Death works in me that life works in you”.

Love you,