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God is more than faithful and I am in Him. He flows through me to do His perfect will, everyday, all day.

I have been given a revelation of who I am in Christ that has changed my life and given me a much closer walk with God. From the moment of our salvation, we are in Christ, all of Christ, His presence, His will. He keeps us there and there is nothing we can work, of ourselves, to get there or to leave. We do get there by believing in the salvation of the cross of Christ and we are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption. It is not by might, nor by power, but by his Spirit, says the Lord. We can also choose to sin but if we seek forgiveness quickly, He forgives us quickly and we move on, in Him.

Because we are in Him,in Christ, He fills us continually, sometimes to overflowing but the most marvelous thing about this is where our "self" comes into play. If you read Romans chapters 6-8, Paul talks about the "lie of self". When we were born again, we became engrafted into the vine called Christ, we are branches of His vine. Before this, we were branches of the vine called satan. Paul insists that we are part of either one or the other, that there is no independent "self" that is managed apart from either vine. That is a lie given to us by satan at the fall and persists in our thinking to this day.

Once having been given the revelation of this truth, you realize who you are, an empty vessel, a living sacrifice, fit for the Master's use, in Him, completely, filled by Him and with no independent self to get in the way with it's selfish motives, desires and works (which God calls "filthy rags"), able to be used to do His will completely, without reservation.

In this way, you truly become the expression of the Living God, His very life being breathed through you, your feet walking His path, His voice speaking through your lips, His desires being your desires, His thoughts your thoughts, His will your will. It is truly liberating and makes living this christian life easy and a joy. It is the key that unlocks the power of God in the unity of His love, by his precious Holy Spirit.

I can truly count it all joy now when I face trials of many kinds knowing that the testing of my faith produces perseverance, it's work being finished, I am mature and complete, not lacking anything, in Christ.

When you envision yourself in Christ, an empty vessel with no "self" to get in the way, being filled by Him and all His attributes and that, being poured out by Him, through you, to touch a lost and dying world, you know you are being used by Him to take care of His business and He will take care of your business. He is taking care of me, the path my life has taken I know to be His will and His desire for me and in this, I trust Him.

I know this is a lot to digest in one sitting, but there are two things you can do to understand more fully.

The first is to go to this web-site: Go there with an open mind and making no preconceived judgements, read.

The second is to ask God if these things be so and if so, to reveal to your heart, mind and understanding the truth of what you have read because this concept is not learned but is spiritually discerned. Ask Him to give you a more complete understanding of who you are in Him and who He is in you. I promise you, the results of such prayer will change your life forever and cause you to fall in love with Jesus, all over again.

I pray that the Lord will open the eyes of your heart to be willing to receive the wisdom and the revelation of the knowledge of who you are in Christ, in Jesus lovely and wonderful name, Amen.

I will chat with you soon. As for now, I remain, as always, your brother in Christ Jesus,