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I just reread "Touching The Invisible" and realized this was the first book I had read of Normans but for "The Law of Faith." This has the complete chapter of Almighty Meekness, you having the shorter version on your site...This chapter and Norman's "Thank God for the Turmoil" became a part of me...." He founded by His outpoured life and infused Spirit the true kingdom of God; at first in the hearts of his inner circle of followers, to be extended one day to the whole world. In accordance with the very nature of that kingdom, He does not force its full implications upon his subjects in this twilight era of mingled good and evil when at best "we only see through a glass darkly". He merely revealed the full standard of allegiance, He would quitely add " he that is able to recieve it let him recieve it, or " if thou wilt be perfect, do so and so"..........As you know this is just a little of a powerful chapter....Love Merrill