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Dear Linda,

I just wanted to take a moment and write to tell you how much I really enjoy reading the articles that I have found listed on your website, Christ As Us and to receive the "Daily Thoughts" on a daily basis.

I had the privilege of having met our late dearly beloved, Norman Grubb around 1971 when I picked him up at the airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My wife, daughter and I were at that time workers with Christian Literature Crusade (CLC) and our residence was within a 'stones throw' of the Grubb residence where he and his wife lived. Looking back, I wish that I had taken the time to really get to know him and possibly to have sit down and partook of some of that "living water that was flowing from the innermost being" of brother Norman, but at that time in my spiritual life, God knows that I would have not 'received' the truth of the message, having not the "ear to hear what the Spirit was speaking" through our dear brother. God knows when to allow our spiritual understanding to be open and receptive to that which He would speak into our lives by His Spirit through others of His choosing. Even now, in my own life, there are times when I would love to share the truths concerning Christ as our Life, but His Spirit restrains me from speaking (which isn't the easiest thing to do!). He and He alone knows when "our spiritual fields"are ready to receive the seed of His Life.

I wish that I had been 'open' to hearing the liberating message that Christ is now my life and His desire is to live in me, through me and as me. Like most of us, I was involved in "seeking the Living One among the "dead" (those things and places that only were a mere type or shadow of Him, who alone is our Life). Continually 'trying, trying and more trying'....trying to live the victorious Christian life, trying to do this and to do that and never finding a lasting satisfaction in all my "doing and trying" to please the Lord. I am sure that during that time in my life, I must have been most "trying" to those who knew Christ as their life and were manifesting Him in their daily lives. I believe that for the most part, most of us could identify with the women who were confronted at the empty tomb by men in dazzling white who asked, "why do you seek the living among the dead?...He is not here, but He has risen"! Risen He has...not to make His habitation with or among men, but to now make men His habitation!

No wonder Paul gladly exclaimed, "it is no longer I, but CHRIST"! No longer would it be Paul "living the Christian life", for his spiritual understanding had been awakened and his spiritual eyes had been opened to know that he now knew that Christ was now living in Him, both to will and to do of His good pleasure and that for him, to live was now Christ living in him, as him and through Him. What an understanding that God brought to Paul to both minister and pen to those of us who down through the centuries of time would be the benefactors of this liberating longer us, but Christ! No longer would our lives be like a roller coaster, 'up one day and down the next. We have found our stability in HIM for it is in Him and Him alone that "we live and move and have our being". And yet, it is in us that He lives and moves and has His Being and manifests Himself to a world that desires to 'see Him as He really is and not only as the system of religion has made Him out to be!

Religion has taught us that He was and that He will yet be, but for the most part has apparently forgotten that He IS! He is the I AM THAT I AM, not the " I AM going to be or I AM the used to be" and the good news (gospel) is the I AM is in us, manifesting Himself as us. Hallelujah!

Love and Blessings,

Bill Oberdorf