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Dear Linda, Thank you for thinking of me and sending me an e-mail. I too am enjoying my validity brought about by Love. Church is everyday I always say. I was blessed today by a (wink) stranger who told me he enjoyed talking to me. I am constantly amazed at our Heavenly Father's handiwork and His plan of salvation through redemption.

Over the last couple of months, I have been doing a great deal of surfing over the Internet to web sites that my search engine would come up with. In going through them I am convinced that I just about heard it all and that nobody is ever going to come up with anything new that would bolster the fact Jesus is Lord. I actually felt nauseated some evenings after some of the things I read.

I have been working a lot recently and felt tired this morning after the rest of the household went on their way. I decide to watch " The Passion" for the second time as I laid on the couch and as I watched the crucifixion I remembered the words " Everyone has Jesus Christ in their hearts, either crucified or risen." What rage was met and overcome that day by love.

I told the stranger that I was talking to this morning that humanity is repeatedly making the mistake of calling the trip the destination. As in a car traveling, like a bunch of little kids...they all want a window. What's worse, they begin to call the vehicle home.

What wondrous time we live in. Egos are rubbing to the point where you can hear them creak. Mankind is painting himself in corner with a seleniferous brush of compassion. All according to plan I'm sure. It was revealed to Peter of the person who had a grip of him by the three crows of the cock. And so, Life goes on.

The wonderful scriptures that the Holy Spirit makes alive to us state that our lives are hid in Christ, and earlier in the book it is written that nothing shall remain hidden that will not be revealed.

I am so happy that I know and Love so many of His servants, or co-saviours, or sons of man, or christs. What treasures were revealed to me that I possessed by the word of their mouths or the strokes of their pens. So true to God's word that the first shall last and the last shall be first.

Linda, I just wanted to make sure that I wrote you back before long. My Love to you and John and the rest of " gang " there.

Richard T. Moszumanski