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Subject: The Rest of the Gospel - When the Partial Gospel has Worn You Out

My Dear Ones:

How wonderful that I had the opportunity to speak with you both today, on separate occasions.

I gave ________ mom, the book for you entitled above.

My prayer is that you BOTH will come to see that "Christ is YOUR life", that there is no other. There is only ONE Person in the universe manifesting Himself, and that is GOD.

I know what you are going through as i went through much the same. I was in the Romans 7 experience, doing things I did not want to do. Finally, as a Christian, I gave up. And that's where God met me. I could not live the Christian life. There is only ONE PERSON who can and that is GOD. I am only a container and vessel, not the contents.

The whole meaning of the incarnation of Christ is that God dwelt with man and He still does, through Christ as our life. You are Christ in _____ form, and you, _____, are Christ in _____ form.

Last year, in Louisville, Kentucky, I met Dan Stone, who is the author of this book. He is in his eighties now and now, this year, has developed a cancerous brain tumour. At some time soon, He will be with His Lord and all those who went before Him. At this year's conference, we celebrated his life and had a living memorial-type service for him.

I found out about this book when I began taking an on-line course (Fullness of Life in Christ) with a person, named Ken Walker, from Australia. I met all the others I fellowship with through email on the website. Check it out.

Two summers ago, I read in Ephesians that I had all the fullness of the deity and I wanted it all. So God lead me to Ken and I began taking his course. Some of his course centred on readings from Dan Stone's book and I began, by the Spirit to truly understand who I was in Christ.

Of course, the more the Holy Spirit revealed to me, the more I felt disconnected from people at church, since they were still seeing separation from God and all i began to see was 'union' and oneness. But, that was the path the Lord individually took me down until now all I see is God. He is my All in all. I have no life but Christ. And HE is my life. I can, of myself do nothing. And that is the secret on how Christ lead his life. He did nothing apart from what His father said or did.

It meant a stripping away of all externals, including church going, bible reading, fellowship, prayer, etc., etc., but, in the end, through my beloved brother Fred Pruitt, in Louisville, my modern day "Paul", Christ was revealed in me as me as my Life.

My heartfelt prayer is that as you listen to the Spirit, He will reveal Christ in you as you. God needs your humanity to manifest himself, even the things we think are 'not good'. For me, it was my anger. I learned from another friend in Texas, that God well-trained me in that trait, and if He did so, it was for Him, and I was not to despise it. Now, I can be angry, and not sin. And I have no condemnation for In Christ there is none.

Our whole lives, in the fatherhood stage is for others. Nothing that happens to me is for me but for others. I see God all in All, in redeemed and unredeemed (who are prodigals, but nevertheless belonging to God for all 'live and move and have their being in God").

All I do is BE who God created me to be, to manifest His life perfectly as Christ in Nancy form to others, in my home, work life, or even when I'm at the grocery store line-up, in the most mundane activities of life. And Christ as me loves others exactly where they are at. That takes away any judgment of others in how they live their lives or seeing them in their 'sins'.

I don't see people's sins. I see Christ in them, the Seed of Abraham, buried, but not yet resurrected in them, as Christ.

I cannot condemn nor judge other people for any 'sins'. Otherwise, I would be condemning myself. And I have been forgiven ALL. Jesus only came to save not to judge. And so do we. We become co-saviours, giving life to others. And it is God's business to determine the outcome.

The road God has placed you on is a difficult one; however, it's the 'narrow gate' and 'few find it'. You will find the Pearl of Great Price.

All the externals mean nothing to God. He KNOWS your heart and your LOVE for Him. He is faithful to the end.

As I mentioned to _____, my friends, Dr. John Bunting, a retired surgeon, and my dear friend, Fred Pruitt, will be doing a 'Northern Tour' coming to Toronto to speak at my place in daytime and night-time meetings on "Christ in you, the Hope of Glory", and the truth of Galations 2:20 and/or whatever the Spirit wants. The Spirit will determine what goes on. My prayer is that you both will consider coming out to hear them. They are the most loving, and genuine people I have ever met and are my dear friends and I love them both so much.

I love you both so much and Glory in what God will reveal to you both!!!!

Don't be afraid or hesitant to write me, phone me, question me, bug me, argue with me, whatever. I am here for you. I love you!!! And I glory in the Father, our Father, who loves us so much.......

Love always,