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To the Buntings and the Wearrens

Together we make up the body of Christ. Each of us do things beautifully and then The Father fits us together to be one in Him. The great gift that you provide is a “Tent”, a place that many can plug into and give away their unique part of Christ in ways of service and listening and friendship.

I marvel at the wonderfully gifted people that assemble each year, artists, authors, speakers, givers of all sorts. Of course your giving is much more than the place, it is the year long love and affection that lets each one know that he is wanted and it is also the gift of your homes to some and food to many.

Most don’t understand that in true friendship our negatives are gifts to others that allow them to plug in their positives. Consider that if we are all working to be alike a competition is created because we are striving for the same things, but when we allow our weaknesses to be gifts to others then they are able to pour their strengths into these places. God uses all this to draw us together in His oneness.

So who is the greater giver in God’s eyes, those who open their wallets to give money, or even give their time to work for relief, or the wretched in a disaster like New Orleans, or the Tsunami victims who have given their possessions, their homes and even their loved ones that they might be able to receive the gifts that the Father uses to draw all together. “For he has created some to vessels of mercy and others to be vessels of destruction.”

Thank you for being sharing all that you have and for giving us a place to give what we have been given.

With Love in Fellowship,

John . . .