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Hello to you (Mike)...And you John and you Nick....;o)
This was my or no God's response to one of my pastors in California. She send me bible studies everyday. I don't read them anymore, except the Lord led me to this one. I know this is going to blow y'all away, how could this possibly be me saying this? Enjoy! ~* Quincy

Bible Study: Think of a mirror. A mirror-if it's a good one-doesn't give off its own qualities but reflects the image of the one looking into it. Father God is, in a sense, looking into our lives with His grace. Our response is to reflect His character, His will in our behavior and our choices. In other words, we are to look like Yeshua!

Hello _____,

I was enjoying your bible study for today and I came across something that the Lord spoke to me while reading.

When we look in the mirror, we can't look like Jesus, even in our hearts we can't. He told me there is no way WE ourselves can possibly reflect Him, anyway. He said when we look in a mirror and see ourselves we can't reflect what Jesus only and alone can do. It becomes His reflection, we can't do it. We can't just respond to Him in the way He desires. He becomes US fully and HE responds to the Father. Its Jesus in us doing the work of responding and reflecting for us. Jesus said, I can do nothing except what I see the Father doing. Therefore, it is Him we are reflecting and Him doing the perfect work of reflecting. Himself in Us.

It's nothing We ourselves could possibly respond to. Jesus Does it....So often I hear of things that We are to do in order for Him to shine through. When we ourselves do it We take the credit and the credit and view is off Jesus and on ourselves. When it's a doing of ourselves, pride comes in. There is Nothing more we can do. When the Father speaks, Jesus in us responds to Him. We can't respond to what Only Jesus in us can respond to. So Jesus gets all the credit because He already has done it in us. All the responding is done we are to simply just BE and let Jesus do.

Just something I heard The Lord speak. It's all finished, we can't do what's already been done. All our days have already been formed and fashioned, so Jesus already knows the response to the Father no matter what He asks us to do. Its already being done by Jesus in me. Jesus is the reflection, not us!

Cool Huh!---