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Hi John and Linda,

Some young believers in training to be tent-makers in Asia sent us this. One of the young ladies wrote it and a young man we have loved and shepherded since Junior High sent it to us.

Blessings on your Household!

We miss you.

Roger and Shirley

Today I felt like the Lord said to me: "Be holistically mine." The main point is that God's word is not a collection of rules; on the contrary, >it is one impossible command: be perfect, be a Christian, love everyone, always, pray all the time. It seems that there is no end to the possibility of making rules and abiding by extreme legalism. But to truly fulfill God's command is so completely impossible in human terms, that is brings us into the beautiful Christ life. Every morsel a communion, every swim a baptism, every night a death and every morning a new birth. We can look at the impossible command and fall to our knees with joy and say "Father, I can do nothing without you." And by nothing we also mean everything. "Make my will your will."