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Dearest Linda, dear friends,

I am sending you all my love on the coming day of the opening of your tent Christian Meeting. I know, you will be talking of God and His special plan for each of us, and the gifts God gives us each day, and adversities which are often blessings in disguise...Now many people in America are surviving hard times because of the hurricane, and we sympathize with them and pray for them,saying to God "Thy Will be done."And if we are suffering,we know: "No wounds, no pearls!"

As to me, this year our Lord has gifted me a meeting with my precious granddaughter who was taken to America by her mother in 2001,when Diana was eighteen months old.
God has helped me to know the power of forgiveness,and I have felt on myself that " A heartfelt apology can't change the past,but it can brighten the future." Let's be willing to serve one another through LOVE,knowing that ultimately we are serving THE LORD.

your sister in Jesus Christ,