Christ As Us
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What can this life, His life as mine, mean to me, my family, and the world at large?


As I watch my parents, Aunts and Uncles march on to death, a chill runs down my back, not because they are dying, but because they are so much alive. Their lives have ever so many meanings for me. Now 58 my Aunt of 91 and living with cancer finds time to again send me a wonderful birthday card. My father is so pain ridden and physically limited that you wonder how he can enjoy another day. But given a chance he will chat for a good while and laugh up a storm. He loves a good joke. My mother has more things wrong than an old Model-A Ford and suffers several friends deaths each month. Yet she is off to a bridge club as often as possible and makes new friends at a drop of a hat. Now she is dabbling in real estate sales and finding a new way to express her life at 82.

In the hallway leading to my bedroom is a set of pictures by one local artist. Until yesterday I had not seen him for 12 years. Every day I think of him but have not called. Yet when he saw me, and thank God recognized me, he ventured a hello. We once again parted after a half hour or so discussing his life, mine, and our passion for art.

What does this all mean? Anything at all.

As I read the Bible I am shocked to find that the verses that meant one special thing to me 20 years back now means little or something entirely different. What was so solid, meaningful, and instructive has now changed. How did it change? Why did it change? Should it have changed?

By now it should be no surprise, I believe in change. In fact it snowed a couple inches yesterday and seems to be here to stay for a few hours at least. But it will not be here long even if it is here for a few weeks. What am I to make of this? Okay, youíve got it. You can make anything of it.

How can such a divine Union be so flexible, malleable, and pliable? How can the Eternal Absolute be ANYTHING in us, as us, through us, and even to us?

I do not know how this works but it does. For me the lesson is not to try and concretize life in any of its forms or processes but, in my way, be with them. Yes I can even be, as them, for even those things outside me is He as much as those things I experience within.

Well that last statement leads to a can of overturned worms so I will leave off now and just say you can do ANYTHING you want with those worms.