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From: Robert Wilkinson McDonald
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 5:00 PM
Subject: faith OF Christ

Hello Dee Dee,

I thought I had read a comment by Paul Anderson-Walsh on his site 'the grace project', where the 'faith OF Christ' was clearly presented. Now I can't find the quote, nor Paul's e-mail address. However, I see in your article "Why Norman Grubb?" that you address the same question. I have always been a bit confused by this ; so many translations (e.g. RSV) and commentators opting for faith IN Christ. The Authorized Version is consistently correct. In Gal 2:16 it says that we who have believed IN (correct translation of the preposition) Jesus Christ...are...justified by the faith OF Christ. Then in 2:20, "I live by the faith OF the Son of God.."

My interlinear makes a note about this Greek form, calling it an "objective genitive", which helps me to understand that it is not my faith (subjective), but the faith of Another - His faith (objective). I cannot trust mySelf faith, but I can trust His faith absolutely.

This note is not intended to air my .005 facility with the Greek language, nor to invite your comments re prepositions or objective/subjective understandings, rather to say that much more could be said in articles or comments about our resting on the faith OF Christ, not our stuggling to have more faith IN Him.

Gal.2:20 is 'inspired inspiration' in the same category as Jn.3:16. For 50 years I have known and lived the latter, it is JOY to finding my Life in the former. Is it not obvious that if we live by His life, we live by His faith?

And His love to you,

Robert W. McDonald.