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Marianne Williamson is one of my most treasured authors. I love her Return to love but I also have great respect for her beautiful work with the Course in Miracles. That's sort of scary to some Christians but I have read the Course three times and really like what I get from it.

What's your thought about it lovable Linda?

George and Adaire

My dearest George,

I'm really not that aquainted with Marianne Williamson's writing. I have not read 'A Course in Miracles' . . . and as far as miracles go: the internal miracle of the Holy Spirit crucifing and ressurrecting me as He is the only miracle I know.

If someday I turn water into wine, or feed five thousand, it will pale in comparison to the joy I live while being the mouth He uses to speak through as He raises the consciousness of His body to who they really are in Him.

All my love,