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South Africa

Hi there Linda

I do not know if you will remember me - I think it was more than a year ago that I "discovered" your website and read about Norman Grubb and the exchanges life. I contacted you and you were so kind to send me all the books of Norman Grubb and even some of his audio tapes.

Well it has been a long time since then and I realised that I must reply to you what has happened since then. The books I have read - and I have started to listen to some of the tapes of Norman. Seeing that I am Afrikaans speaking it is a bit difficult to understand the English that Norman spoke - but I use a recorder where I can change the speed of the tape - so I put it on the slowest mode - and the first line of the first tape got me - when he prayed and said" Lord there is only One here in this room I am. " Only One - Christ in me as my self. The revelation of the inner Life stirred my spirit so much that we have just keep on growing in this revelation of the exchanged life.

Norman's books keep on bleesing me because I go back to them time and again - reading it over and over again. It is amazing how the Lord has opened to him this treasure.
Me and my wife, Heila, were in the fulltime ministry of the largest Afrikaans Pentecostal denominations in South Africa for 20 years when we suffered from spiritual burnt out. The Father send us to a small little place in the country in the Southern Cape where for 5 years we unlearned all our religion - we came to George with a basic knowledge of the ChristLife when I Heard Warren Litzman speaking of Normann Grubb. That was when I made contact with you - you did not even know me - but you understood the spiritual need of a religious person - for those books changed the way I saw myself and the way I understand who Christ is in me as me. We are back in "fulltime" ministry for the last 7 years in George and we have a wonderful family who let us speak into their lifes - we have about 200 people that are growing in the exchanged life.

I can give you our website but it is mainly Afrikaans so I do not suppose you will understand it, but it is all about the Gospel of Grace, the dying to Self and the Self of Christ becoming our selves.

For 20 years while in ministry, we thought we had arrived, so our Father has to take us into situations that we had to come to the end of ourselves so to find Christ as our Lives.

Well - there you have it - your generousity has influenced my life and it has worked through to our wonderful family here in George.

The revelation of this Christlife is creating more revelation as we grow in the knowledege of who we are as deep calls unto deep.

So thanks again and when you decide to come to South Africa for a visit - you come and stay with us and that Sunday I will do my best in English.

Stephen and Heila Kuhn