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Wednesday March 19, 1997

Dear __________:

After your phone call yesterday, I thought it would help you if I sent you the teaching I have done on the word OPINIONS. I have looked high and low for the material with no success, so I will just pull it out of my head (and spirit) again in brief.

The portion I will copy is from VINE'S EXPOSITORY DICTIONARY OF NEW TESTAMENT WORDS under the heading HERESY. When I realized back in 1973 that ANY idea of doctrine that I held to as a guide for my life, God considered a heresy.... I was very shocked!!!

Then I went to my Concise Oxford Dictionary and [I have copied that for you also] and my shame increased. Another dictionary says that an opinion is “What one believes to be true, but that CANNOT BE PROVED". (Using this idea alone would help settle more of the disputes in marriages and families than you can imagine). You might also look up OPINIONATED...just for fun!

Believe me, many of my intellectual foundations started to crumble away like sand! I began to examine EVERYTHING THAT I THOUGHT WAS VALUABLE OR TRUE.... all in the light of real Scriptural truth. That was quite a process and it silenced me for several months...thank the Lord!

Prior to those days, my favourite reply to most of the information or news that I was given, was "I KNOW". When the Lord lets you know that you have been a KNOW-IT-ALL for at least 20 years of your life, you cringe with shame. (It is hard to tell that kind of person anything!) But I really listened now because I was so desperate to change my ways and to learn more of God and His ways!

I doubt that this will help your family and friends, if you tell them this, so it is only meant to help YOU… to see better how to handle their opposition and resistance to new ideas. Most relationships, even among Christians have been built on the shaky ground of shared opinions, church doctrines or on the sharing of ways you look at those familiar verses ....view-points that you have all previously has such nice agreement on.

Lots of love and may the Lord be with you as you walk through the fire! Let me know if I can be or more help!