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Hello all,

John Collings, helped by Nick Cabbiness, is doing an incredible job on the website. They do it in addition to all the other things they do in life, but you'd think this was their full-time job, so well is it put together in my opinion. The Daily Thoughts, as far as I know, they pick out and type up and upload, and it is amazing how appropriate those "Daily Thoughts" can often be. Now just got a notice they've put up several new pieces by several people, and it keeps growing. He even added another page to my "page" which is "New Articles" which contains several new ones to the website. The whole thing is wonderful, so please check it out if you haven't been there ever or in a while.

DeeDee Winter's Norman Grubb site is also wonderful,, and it is top notch as well. DeeDee has assembled some writings of Norman's you won't find anywhere else as far as I know. We thank God from the depths of our hearts that the Word of the "mystery of God" is going out into all the world in such a powerful work of the Spirit.


PS ... John also said "In June we have been viewed in 66 countries. (13 new this month) Over 50,000 visits between the two sites since we began in June 2002. New areas just in June include El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Paraguay, Russia, Bosnia&Herzeg, Ukraine, Malta, Burma, Macau, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam."

I am awed. Praise comes to mind.