Christ As Us
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Dear ___________,

You must KNOW: YOUR HEART IS FIXED !! Your head is only a sorting house for ideas that will ultimately fix you in what you are to believe for by the Spirit.

Please do not govern your spiritual health by your feelings...

You are fixed in him and any worry or concern or early morning wondering/wanderings, are all part of His intercession through you. Remember Paul had 'unceasing grief in his heart; He could even wish himself accursed for his kinsman in the flesh' (and that right after his great statement of faith about himself in the end of Rom. 8.) He didn't repent from that but went right on to bare about in His body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the Life of Jesus might be manifest in his mortal flesh.

So the flesh is weak. That's all it is. Weak in Him . . . because a body He has prepared for Him; and guess who that body now is? You and me . . .so you will always remain weak, because when you are weak, He is mighty strong.

That's it for now. Write more later if you want to . . .

Love, Linda