Christ As Us
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From: Hector LaSala
To: Linda Bunting
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: Christ as us

Hi Linda,

It still gets my heart pumping every time I read those words.

This is a TRUTH so profound, SO simple and pure, and I thank you-all and your website for shouting it from the 'roof tops' !
The Truly GOOD of the Good News, one that I had not heard until scarcely a year or so ago. I've been a Jesus-follower since 1971, so that is too-long to only have half of the Gospel.

But it was meant to be, it makes it all the more precious after so many years in dry places.

I am not sure I can make it to Kentucky for the 2nd, but I will sure travel to wherever city Fred and John travel to. The semester would have just began and I may not have the time, but who knows, so send me the particulars.

I live in Lafayette which is south-central Louisiana. 2 1/2 from New Orleans.

I have read ALL of Fred's articles, they have been heaven-sent. They are so authentic and real; none of the fuzzy and pious words I have gotten so sick of.
They have helped me keep my bearings as I enter this new dimension of the Spirit.

I am also so glad to discover your extreme inclusiveness of your sources since the Truth is irrespective of denominational squabbles.
He has indeed shed his Truth-rain over the whole earth. Who are we too check for His credentials before we let Him in.

All together I am truly blessed to have found you and thru you more fully the Him who is the Most Truly me!