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Regarding 1 John 4:2,3
Hello Fred ,
Hope you are well my friend.Thankyou for sending me this.Found myself entering into the spirit of this discusion and thought i might share some thoughts.

The wonder of Christs incarnation ,like you touch upon was always something that i marvelled at from a distance ,i.e. "the fulness of God manifest in the flesh" but could never really understand its relevance to me as a man other than a means of defending the diety of Christ .

However just lately the incarnation has gripped my heart with a wonder and a glory and taken on a whole new meaning on a personal level.Man/kind has such high place in the heart of God.The first man" Adam" was to find the origin of his true identity in the second man Christ"

The Christ of God is the original blueprint and design all men.When God first made man in Genesis it says He made man in his own own image and likeness.It was like God looked in the mirror and and created a being called man who looks just like Him.We see that mans origin and identity has its source in the thought,imagination and inspiration of God.

Every new creation/design or invention begins in the thought and the imagination of its creator.We are His masterpiece re-created in Christ jesus.We are his original thought,His creative inspiration and love dream.We are the visible experssion of the greatest idea that ever was.We are awakened to his image with-in us in Christ.

Faith is to our spirit what the senses are to the body.Tangible beyond touch, our faith lays hold of the substance of our true origin and identity unvieled in Christ.Faith is not being unconscious ,faith knows, and knows the truth about our true selves and faith speaks the truth about our true selves.We know that out true existance is not the mere moonlight of consciousness of being, but the sun glory of a life having become one with its origin.

The problem of the incarnation was that i failed to see the miirror image of my own true origin and identity revealed in the face of Jesus Christ.Our faith traces our true spirit identity and origin to the thought and imagination of God.Like my Lord and Christ i was brought forth by the word of truth out of the bosom of the Father .My birth and origin are in Him.

Of His own inspiration God brought us forth by the word of truth....for anyone to hear this word ,is to see the face of ones birth reflected as in a mirror .The word of truth is the blue print that "holds"mans original design and declares his authentic value.

The mirror and the person mirrored are of one origin.The problem with the incarnation was that i failed to see the mirror image of my true reflection in Him.My identity came from listening to,and believing the father of lies who,s voice twists and distorts my true identity out of all proportion to the truth causing me to adopt an inferior and false identity.He does this by getting us to identify with ,and become wrapped up in the contradictions of our flesh and failings.For a moment the contradictions seem more credible than the truth.However the truth of our origin and revelation of our true identity is preserved with-in the word of truth that brought us forth and cannot be erased.To understand that the image of God is preserved with-in the spirit of man is the moment of truth.Beyond the contradictions of our flesh,beyond all performance good or bad,beyond the opinions men,we are established in him.Contentment based upon the awareness of who you are places you beyond threat.

The revelation of grace is mans inclusion in Christ.Christ reveals /and is Gods opinion of man.The weakness of the earthen vessel now takes its value from the treasure it holds.We now look to the Rock from whom we were cut from to find our true identity.His opinion/ (voice)
is that we look just like him the vioce of a stranger (inferior opinion) we "will-not" follow.Let the glory of Gods opinion radiate with-in you my brother by beholding the reflection of your true identity in the mirror of Christ.....Give my love to all the other dear incarnate ones you fellwship with...........Love Roddy