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hello fellow lovers: found out this a.m. that when our human brains forget, God gives us total spirit recall ;-) i wrote the following this a.m. to a friend who is going through extensive radiation treatments for cancer right now. His spirit leaped in me and out through my fingers as i wrote (you all know how that happens) and i felt i must share it with you. am emailing to luli but blind carbon copying to others. may this bless and edify you as it has me. love, love, love, mary

we each have our crosses and His grace truly is sufficient for what He carries in us. when we have eyes to see what His purpose is in our cross and what it is accomplishing for our world we get to experience the joy of it. we'll always have the human reactions which may include anger, frustration, or depression but eventually we replace feelings with faith that this is God's way for us and His love purposes are being fulfilled in it. scripture frequently comes to me but always have to look up the chapter and verse. anyway, "my grace is sufficient for you for MY Strength is made perfect in [your] weakness." i think God told Paul that didn't he when he'd asked the Father 3 times to heal him? powerful stuff!!

L'ville weekend was just perfect. someone remarked later that Fred said he thought it was the first time we stuck to the theme for the weekend, ha!. i'm hoping to get the tapes as i can't even begin to tell you what was shared by the speakers. i just know my spirit kept affirming and agreeing with what they said. of course, the spirit came through Fred mightily as always. new sharer, Bob Crawford, from ohio was outstanding in his presentation. Burt wasn't there this year but God certainly provided unique humor through Bob ..... but his illustration of what occurred at the cross and the depths of Christ's total identification with us, e.g., for the first time "knowing" as we know, separation from God, left many of us in tears as we recognized what manner of Love the Father has for us, His stolen humans, that drove Him to not only his agonizing death on the cross but that awful separation He experienced after He died and became sin for us, He who knew no sin up to that point. then the rest of it where we died and were buried with Him and when He rose we rose with Him to new life, His life, being poured out for others in and as us. i now understand the scripture where Paul says something about us finishing up that which is lacking in the sufferings of Christ. i always thought how could there be any lack in His sufferings but i think Paul is referring to the Spirit doing it by us since Jesus couldn't live on as a human being but rather sent His Holy Spirit to do the work of redeeming His creation (an already done deal but everyone doesn't know it yet) by us, His adopted sons. so now He continues to do just that in His Linda form, His Marybeth form, His Mary form, His Gary form, etc. gives us all a better understanding of what our cancers and our p.d. is all about ..... just a means to an end, the Father's redemption of His creation and we get the privilege of participating in it. how blessed are we that He should single us out and choose us, as His lambs, so that others might know what we know. rejoice sissy! it is the Father's good pleasure to 'bruise' us in love and it is He that carries us and bears the bruising in us..... and..... we get to share the immeasurable joy!!! ...... "Jesus, Who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross....." amazing!!!!!

love, mary