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From: Bob Guess
To: 'Linda Bunting'
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 6:52 PM

RE: Daily Thought - Life's Supreme Secret

Hi Linda.

I think it is the exact way he words it. The reference to Bypass Meadow/abstractions, his clear understanding on how we tend to turn life and our response to life into things we either need to do or not do. We (apart from knowing union) continue an impossible pursuit for what we think we lack, yet desperately need, however, we never pause to see that all we need is the person whose very life embodies the very virtues we fruitlessly pursue. I will never forget the first time I read "The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life" by Evan Hopkins where he so boldly said; THERE IS ONLY ONE HOLY LIFE! I remember that I had to stop reading, because that one sentence upset my Bypass Meadow theology, but it became a breakthrough statement for me, because it prepared me for the even bolder statements of Norman Grubb.

I have barely got my eyes open, but I can already see that there is conflict between what I am now seeing and the traditional church's pursuit of endless principle centered spirituality. I am not quite sure where I fit any longer, however I am absolutely sure that Union Life is the "Ground Zero" of life, and apart from that truth life will always be an "ever learning, but never coming to the truth." Thanks for listening to me ramble on.