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Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
To: DeeDee Winter
Subject: Re: Notes From Norman - The Love-life

Hi DeeDee,

Please explain to me how NPG is able to call "Georgie's" children saved with Christ in them as their life. I quote: "Don’t “see” opposing children, but “see” children each as precious to Him as you are to Him. He is their life as He is yours, though it is likely they don’t know that yet, but only know their blinded selves."

From Georgie's letter one must assume that his children are unsaved and treating him badly!

Does NPG say that all of humanity has Christ as their life?

In Him,

From: Dee Dee Winter
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2007
Subject: RE: Notes From Norman - The Love-life

Norman would always and only agree with what Scripture says. In the first chapter of John he writes that Christ is “the light which lighteth every man.” Norman believed that “every” meant every…not just those who believed in Him. This, however, is only one side of the paradox. Paradoxes cannot be reasoned or understood, but must be accepted by faith, letting the Spirit reveal the total and underlying truth.

Georgie can either see them as his enemy or as friend, as Jesus did with Judas. God ALWAYS has good…lifegiving…love purposes behind the hardest and most evil-‘appearing’ things that happen to us. This was true about the Cross of Christ. Any thing else that life, Satan or the Father can ever bring to us can never equal that!

So Norman encouraged this man to see beyond the appearances and hurts to God and His love…first coming TO Georgie…but really to Christ in/as Georgie…by his children and then going out from him for their redemption.