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To: Fred Pruitt
Re: emailings from you brother Fred.

Dec. 11, 07

Bless you Fred,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You brothers who are sharing this Christ as us in us the "union with" have been on my heart for some time now. Years ago the Lord put Devern Frompke's books into my hands, which blessed me in my searching for others who were speaking the truth as I heard it in the Gospel of John ( chapters 13 thru 15 ) and Paul's epistles. As I without knowing what I was really doing in the begining of my awakening in Christ "ate the words of Jesus as they had been written in John's gospel over and over" began to see that we were being told it is a DONE DEAL. We are one, the same as Jesus said he was one with the Father. It was accomplished already inspite of what was being taught and preached in traditional religion. Eating the Words Jesus spoke in the New Testament produced in me a peace and intense joy that made me seemingly kind of crazy in the eyes of other born again christians when I was told to adhere to the "traditional pastoral messages of striving to become what God said he already accomplished for us and in us through Christ"

I discovered that the word we use "son" at the core of it's meaning actually is these other words; union with and expression thereof.... Surely you and many others have experienced the frustration of seeing this and all those around you seem to be like "cows chewing cud and mooing" and aparently clueless about this Sacred Truth and what Jesus was really telling us. Like so many, I became discouraged and would go over to doubt and unbelief instead of continuing in the revealation with thanksgiving till it became truly active in my outward man.

Will not bore you with the process of so many years of my self induced drama and the internal warfare which was most likely not necessary as this revealation continued to dismantle doubt and fear and wrong belief's about my loving God to complete the most necessary foundation of my being in Him and He in me and as my person. The new creation man, birthed in the incoruptible seed of God to the glory of God the Father of all, through the one son, Jesus the Christ, who is Himself the very Word of God and the Firstborn of many brothers. We could spend countless hours speaking and writing about this wonderful one and who we really are in Him, and still not exhaust the fullness of "the mystery Hidden from ages and now revealed in us" (and through us and by us)

Oh I love to share this wonderful one in the midst of my very being with others. Reading all the messages and daily thoughts on the Christ as Us site for the last year has kept me focused and encouraged. Have found a boldness that does not look for permission to share my portion of Christ, but creates countless openings in my daily activities to speak the truth in love and not worry about agreement from religious ones. This Christ in us is the reality and does not pussy foot around pharisees, or the sad you see's. He isn't long faced and sucking marbles out of gopher holes either. He is JOYFULL and Radiant, expecting to see His (eternal incoruptle Life) lived out in us... What else?