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I'm about to finsh The Spontaneous You and it is opening my eyes to the wilderness and the role of our humanity, accepted by God just the way it is, chosen by God just the way it is, and now to be lived just the way it is without worrying about changing it to something it is not. "...we humans do not exist to become something, but to contain Someone." Yes! A thousand times YES!

This is why John said "You do being human as good as anyone", and why people get so bent out of shape with you. It is not sin and it is not the flesh and it is certainly not some new age heresy thing going on in you. It is nothing but the fact that you have grasped the truth about Christ as the all in all and accepted your humanity as what it is -- the negative springboard by which Faith is launched into action. And those on the outside of this truth, just don't like it, just like they didn't like it in Jesus, or any other person. God love them -- they are still a prisoner to performance and the false belief that humanity can be changed into something better and more controllable. Hog wash! It is our very reactions, sensitivities, desires, lusts, and impulses that He uses to point out His purposes in the moment. We are the priests and intercessors that fit this very moment, this very gap, aroused by our own humanity, involved in the situation, identified with other weak humans, but recognizing Him in it and responding with Faith to it!

What a relief to begin to see that such an acceptance of self and reliance on Our Chooser frees me even more to focus on Him. Belief and hope in a changed humanity is nothing but a self-focused trap that distracts us from our true mission and calling.

Boy, the counseling world would really hate this message wouldn't it! So much for the self-help industry...

Need to get something to eat... I have the desire and I'll find the supply and soon it will have me.

Love you!!