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Hello Linda Bunting!

My name is Patty Musick and I am very pleased to meet you! This website has been a tremendous encouragement from the Lord to me and I am so thankful for His provision of it. There are so many days I sit at my computer reading the daily thoughts and articles with tears of joy and relief streaming down my face. Like many of us I have carried burdens that I was never meant to carry but thought I was for so long. It is a relief to see them go. The Lord started revealing union to me several years ago when I turned to Him to return my faith to Him…. I have always struggled to “apply” scripture to my life. In Bible study after study it seems we spend the most time on application and it turned into law for me without me really knowing that was what it was. I’m happy to say it killed me! So, I thought I was a failure (which gloriously I was!) but I didn’t know yet that that was a good thing so I told God I couldn’t do it and I was giving back my faith. He gave me a picture of what happened. I was on a path and it ended at this great precipice. There was no other way I saw but down. The next thing I knew I wasn’t on that path anymore but with God. I know now it was in His plan all along but at the time I thought I had come to the end. I was in a Bible study at the time. Now, when we were all “applying” scripture I knew, really knew I couldn’t do it and Christ was the one who did it. This was all from God. From the two years of Bible study the verse that spoke so much to me was, “I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it on the day of Christ Jesus.” So sanctification was of God too! What a relief! Not long after this, I was visiting a website of Christian books and the Spirit nudged me to buy “The Rest of the Gospel” by your very own Dan Stone. The first time I read it I held my breath…I was just waiting for the part where I had to do something and then I would know I was a goner. But that moment never came. It was the best news I had heard in my entire life…I was a new creation….period. Christ lives in me as me….wonder of wonders! I can rest now. I have read that book at least 10 times! I am very thirsty ground! Anyway, I eventually found this website through Dan Stone’s book. I just wanted to write you and introduce myself. I am so glad there are others out there like me. I do not attend a church right now and I no longer attend a Bible study. God has told me it is not what I “do” but who I “am”, who He has made me. That is such a relief. Sometimes I have to pinch myself it seems too good to be true. Sometimes I still struggle to believe but God is in the problems, right? And I am encouraged by reading about my brothers and sisters through this website. I hope if you have a retreat this year and it is open to me that I may attend.

I would like to order some of Norman Grubb’s books. I believe I will write to you so I can send you a check that way.

Again, I would just like to say it is such a pleasure to meet you through this email. When I started to write you, I thought I was only going to order some books not give you my life story! I guess God had other plans!

Peace to you,
Patty Musick