Christ As Us
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Been thinking a lot about the restored image (which is Christ in us.) I wrote to you once about our new life as Christ living His life manifested by our new system of animation. I am thinking that we still in our humanity hold the characteristics of our natural DNA; however now we have the very characteristics of Christ's spiritual DNA which is HIS life being lived as us. Our New Man. Without Christ's DNA there can be no salvation of the body. His DNA overides the natural. All through the Bible the word Salvation is seen in a context often salvation of the spirit, soul, or body. In order for ressurection to take place in the final outcome whether we pass through physical death or are changed as the scripture says from glory to glory, it must be as Paul said this mortal must put on immortality!! Our humanity being the clay vessel us, His life giving Spirit being HIM. Simply HIM the life, us the clay, the two being one!

Somehow our DNA exists with HIS DNA as a means for His life to flow out to others. His DNA exists in all men, if only as the seed of the woman as Genisis teaches us. Union therefore brings to pass the total purpose of the Father of bringing many sons unto glory. I used to think that the body was to be overcome by denial of the flesh, but now I see that He needs our bodies in union as the very vehicle from which His life must flow. He had to take on human flesh in order to accomplish the salvation of the whole world and that He has come by union with our flesh to accomplish this great task. He became God indwelt humanity and we must become the same by His very life in us, as us. The restored image is Christ's DNA in us.

Your servant and HIS