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Good Morning, Dee -

What I have been seeing the last few years has me so fired up that I
want to tell everyone, even before I really KNOW it myself. The
understanding of union with Christ has so set me free from many false
"struggles of flesh" that I want others that I see struggling to know
what I've discovered about the whole Gospel. I suppose that my heart
is right, but the way I go about doing something about it is still me-
centered, not recognizing Him, no matter how hard I try to stay
focused on Him.

As I perceive a need to respond to Jon’s hunger for Truth, I
am discovering how much I am still "in my head". I thought I was past
that; I HOPED I was. I thought I had finally arrived at the Peace of
KNOWing He is my life, and would not have to address it over and
over. I guess I haven't come to that point, because I keep going back
to seeing Myself needing to accomplish things, handle situations, and
generally manage my life. I do have the witness in my spirit, that He
IS my life, but old habits of my mind keep me more in struggle than
in Peace.

When I specifically ask God what to do with various struggles, all I
keep hearing is, "Be Still and See the Salvation of God". I really
thought I had given up on trying to live my own life. It seems I've
come to that point more times than I can count. Yet I STILL pop up
and wrestle with things again and again and again and
again ...............................

I guess I don't know HOW to be still. I'm worn out. I quit. again.
Thank you for being there.

Alan, the mess of Christ

Hi Love,

RELAX...that's all...just RELAX. Go on and respond. Give what you have to give and say it is He. All we have is our word...say the truth and then "be still." Being still does not mean you are just means at rest mind and heart. Norman taught us..."What you take, takes you." we cannot judge how long it will take to be taken, but in pressing us to always look to Him, somehow He does settle ever so quiet ways so that we look back one day and realize we have 'arrived'!

Of course there are things needing to be done. Everyday life is full of them. Jesus IS "causing you to walk in His ways" accomplishing all He intends for the day. Rest and say, “This is You, Lord” over and over! HE will settle you in your knowing…and it will be such a far surpassing knowing than any you have ever experienced.

Love, D